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Please read before posting!

Post by Cryptarchon on Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:23 pm

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining our forum!
Here you are allowed to ask/answer questions about any class and simply hangout if you want.
If you happen to have a particular subject that is not yet made, I will be glad to make one!


-No swearing that is targeted to someone
As long as you use the words in a manner that does not offend people other than you are fine. (Still try to keep it to a minimum, it's like school, you know when to and when not to)

-No spamming, Don't go around spamming threads with troll posts or you will be banned, and if persistent, IP banned.

-Don't give false information.
We are trying to help each other, please don't answer questions that you don't know a thing about, but contributing to a discussion is fine as long as you declare you're a bit shaky on the topic

-Don't cyber bully, Just don't do it!
I don't want to deal with it, you guys are old enough. If you have a problem, PM a moderator and the bully will be banned/warned.

-Don't make multiple accounts.
Making more than 1 account will result in a ban unless you tell me or other moderators beforehand.

-No Cheating
The Honor Code in all the syllabuses this year and is probably getting pretty annoying, but realize that cheating on a website is a terrible idea as even if you delete it, it will still be archived for my viewing if I am alerted. PM's are secret though, but please don't abuse it.

-Always know that I'm here for you guys and you can ask me about anything.

See you guys around!

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